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Open Exams for ORA Positions

Step One: Take an Exam to Qualify

You must first pass a civil service exam for your desired position(s) prior to applying for an open job. These are the types of ORA positions, which require an exam.  

 Regulatory Analysts 


        Financial Examiners   



See the full the list of CPUC Open Exams, which provides details of qualifications and salary ranges.  

Begin the online application process at the CPUC's Online Employment Center. 

After you have taken a CPUC exam, you will receive notice of your results. You must have achieved status in the top three out of five ranks in order to be eligible to apply for the open job postings. 

ACTION: Take an exam for all job classifications that you are interested in and qualified for, so that you are eligible to apply for an ORA job when it becomes available.


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