Demand Response:
Phase 1 - 2015-2016  Programs



On September 2013, the CPUC issued a  Rulemaking  to address bridge-funding for Demand Response programs for 2015-2016 in order to provide sufficient time for the CPUC to address policy issues that will guide improved program design prior to approving a full program cycle in 2017.    

In January 2014, the CPUC issued a  Ruling  providing guidance to the utilities for resubmitting their 2015- 2016 Demand Response programs minor changes, including revisions to: 

  • Improve program performance  
  • Address program design, operation, coordination, and communication  
  • Update based on limited basis due to program budgets caps 
  • Implement by December 31, 2014 

In May 2014, the CPUC issued a Decision approving 2015-2016 Demand Response program budgets for certain programs and activities for the utilities demand response programs: 

  • Edison:   $172 million  
  • PG&E:     $101 million  
  • SDG&E:  $  40 million 
  • Total:     $313 million 


ORA Position

ORA supported the bridge funding approach to ensure that there was adequate time to address the more complicated policy issues that will guide improved Demand Response program design.  

ORA’s analysis showed that the utilities could not demonstrate that they were appropriately dispatching Demand Response programs as needed, and therefore program administration has been inadequate. ORA’s analysis also revealed issues in contract terms for the Aggregator Managed Portfolio program that impacted performance. 

In order to achieve a more effective Demand Response program, ORA recommended that the CPUC require reporting to improve transparency in the administration of Demand Response programs.  

The CPUC issued a Decision approving the 2015-2016 Demand Response program improvements and budgets, incorporated ORA’s recommendation requiring Edison to resubmit its Aggregator Managed Portfolio contracts to make them more effective. 

See ORA’s May 5, 2014  Comments  on the Bridge-funding Proposed Decision. 

See ORA’s May 12, 2014  Reply Comments. 


Proceeding Docket 

See the Proceeding docket. 


Other Resources

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