Distribution Resources Plans (DRP)


Welcome to the ORA portal on the Distribution Resources Plans (DRP). Here you can find links to the many aspects of the DRP, including the Rulemaking, the CPUC's Guidance document, Utility proposed plans, and the various tracks related to implementing the DRP pilots. From these pages you can also reach the CPUC's docket, which contains all filings on the record in the proceeding.

In August 2014, the CPUC issued an Order Instituting Rulemaking to set policies that would guide the utilities in their development of Distribution Resources Plans (DRP), pursuant to Assembly Bill 327 (PU Code 769). The DRP proceeding is examining and modifying utility investments in the operation of the electric distribution grid necessary to accommodate and leverage ratepayer and customer investments in distributed energy resources (DERs) such as rooftop solar, battery energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response, and energy efficiency. The DRP proceeding is also considering the impacts a lower carbon energy portfolio will have on grid operations as well as how the distribution grid can be managed to best accommodate future zero-carbon energy technologies. In an associated proceeding, the Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER) proceeding, the CPUC is also examining ways to deploy distributed energy resources that provide optimal customer and grid benefits, while enabling California to reach its climate objectives. The Rule 21 proceeding is related to both the DRP and IDER proceedings, and is looking at efficient and cost-effective ways to interconnect DERs to the electric distribution grid. These three proceedings will work together to encourage DERs to be developed and interconnected onto the distribution system.

This page summarizes the DRP proceeding, provides links to key Commission documents, and provides links to the Office of Ratepayer Advocates’ (ORA) official filings in the proceeding.

On January 27, 2016, the Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge issued a Ruling that set out the scope of issues to be addressed in the DRP. The DRP issues are addressed through three concurrent proceeding tracks. Follow the links below to learn more about the different proceeding tracks and ORA’s positions on DRP.

Track 1: Methodology

This track addresses the development of analyses related to estimating the grid impacts of DERs, specifically the Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA) and the Locational Net Benefits Analysis (LNBA). The ICA helps determine the capacity of the existing distribution grid to accommodate interconnection of additional DERs while the LNBA helps identify locations where additional DERs can provide the most benefit to customers and utilities.


Track 2: Demonstration and Pilot Projects
This track addresses the design of demonstration and pilot projects related to Locational Benefits, Distribution Operations, and High Penetration of DERs.

Track 3: Policy Issues
This track addresses numerous policy issues raised by stakeholders in the DRP proceeding.

CPUC Guidance for Distribution Resources Plans
On February 6, 2015, the CPUC issued a Guidance for the utilities to use in the development their DRPs. The Guidance sets forth a new framework for distribution planning necessary to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enable mass adoption of DERs.

Utility Proposed Distribution Resources Plans
On July 1, 2015, the large utilities submitted applications requesting CPUC approval of their DRPs. Each utility’s application can be found here:

Energy Division Staff Roadmap Proposal
In November 2015, Energy Division issued a Proposal which sets forth a roadmap for the implementation of DRP pilot programs and analyses.



CPUC Proceeding Docket

See the Proceeding docket.

Visit the docket to subscribe to proceeding updates.


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