Edison Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project


On August 28, 2013, Edison filed an Application with the CPUC proposing to construct the Coolwater-Lugo transmission project to provide additional transmission capacity to the Kramer Junction and Lucerne Valley areas of San Bernardino County for the purpose of alleviating a transmission bottleneck, which would facilitate interconnection of current and future renewable generation projects. Coolwater-Lugo would include, among other components:

  • One Desert View 500 kV substation with potential capacity of 4,000 MVA.
  • One future Jasper 220 kV substation.
  • 48 miles of 220 kV transmission lines.
  • 17 miles of 500 kV transmission lines.

 A minimum project build would cost ratepayers $755 million. A full build would cost approximately $1 billion.


ORA Policy Position

ORA protested the Coolwater-Lugo project because:

  • The Project has not been approved by CAISO, which is the transmission planner that the CPUC relies upon for siting approval.
  • Edison’s proposed project has a larger scope than what was studied by the CAISO.
  • Costs appears excessive compared to what the CPUC has approved for similar projects.  

ORA identified that Edison’s proposal has 6 specific problems:

  1. Edison did not explain whether its renewable generation capacity assumptions used to justify the project were based on the CPUC’s approved Long Term Procurement Plan.
  2. Edison did not explain whether its load forecast for the town of Apple Valley was based on the load forecast by the California Energy Commission.
  3. Edison did not articulate why additional reliability is needed. 
  4. Edison did not explain why approximately 29.1 miles of the existing Lugo-Pisgah No.1 220 kV and approximately 16.0 miles of the existing Lugo-Pisgah No.2 220 kV are no longer useful and need to be removed.
  5. Edison did not provide supporting evidence for why its proposed 500 kV Desert View Substation is needed.
  6. Edison acknowledges that CAISO approval is needed for the full build-out of the 500 kV Desert View Substation, and the 16.6 miles of 500 kV single-circuit transmission line from Lugo Substation to the proposed Desert View Substation, which would waste ratepayers’ investment if the CASISO found the project was not needed.

See ORA’s September 27, 2013 Protest to Edison’s Application.  


Proceeding Status

A CPUC Ruling is expected in early 2014.

See the Proceeding docket.