Southern California Edison
Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project 


In June 2007, Edison filed an Application with the CPUC to construct Segment 4-11 of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project. The Tehachapi Project would implement the transmission network infrastructure to reliably interconnect mainly wind generation resources in the Tehachapi area. In December 2009, the CPUC issued a Decision granting the construction of Segment 4-11. Within these segments, Segment 8A (a 500 kilovolts (kV) double-circuit transmission lines between the Mesa Substation and the Mira Loma Substation) will traverse several communities, including City of Chino Hills. In January 2010, Chino Hills filed a Motion to stay the construction of Segment 8A. In November 2011, CPUC granted the Chino Hill’s motion, and in July 2012 the CPUC issued a Scoping Memo reopening the proceeding.


DRA Policy Position

DRA recommends that the CPUC should not rush to make a decision on completion of Segment 8A given that renewable generators are not being harmed by this minor delay, but that instead the CPUC should:

  • Re-examine the need to complete Segment 8A given new information that calls into question the need, as either an aboveground or underground 500 kV option, and that a smaller line - or no line - option may be warranted.
  • If, after careful consideration, determine that a 500 kV line is necessary for Segment 8A, the previously approved overhead design should be confirmed.

See DRA’s April 5, 2013 Testimony.

See DRA’s April 5, 2013 Motion to amend scope of the proceeding. 


Proceeding Status

Evidentiary Hearings will be held April 22-25, 2013.

A CPUC Proposed Decision is anticipated by summer 2013.

See the Proceeding docket.