Annual Reports

Every January, DRA submits a report to the Legislature outlining its work to advocate on behalf of California ratepayers. The 2011 DRA Annual Report presents DRA's successes and policy positions of the past year, including:

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  • DRA efforts in 2011 saved energy and water ratepayers over $4.1 billion;
  • Launching a strong opposition to the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and persuading the CPUC to open an investigation into the merger plan;
  • Helping to formulate state policy on cost-effective renewable energy integration;
  • Helping to formulate state policy on water and energy conservation; and
  • Increasing the awareness of the need for accountability for utility safety programs.

In the report, DRA also lays out issues facing utility customers in 2012.

See the 2011 DRA Annual Report

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