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California Advanced Services Fund (CASF)

In 2007, the CPUC established the $100 million California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) program as the state's primary funding source for providing new broadband infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas of California. High Cost Fund “B” (PU Code 739.3) provided the initial funding for CASF until the program was enacted into law in 2008 (SB 1193). The CASF is funded by a surcharge on customers’ bills for telephone service, specifically for intrastate telecommunications services. The Fund provides grants and loans to telephone corporations and certain other entities to deploy broadband infrastructure in the California.

In February 2012, the CPUC implemented SB 1040 (PU Code 281) for an additional $125 million through year 2015 and issued a Decision implementing new provisions on the CASF program.  On October 3, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown approved SB 740 and AB 1299 (PU Code 281) increasing the amount the CPUC is authorized to collect to a sum not to exceed $215 million through year 2020 and establishing the Broadband Public Housing Account within the CASF program. 

The CASF program is comprised of 4 accounts:

Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account & Broadband Infrastructure Loan Account  

SB 1040 established this account to assist in the building and/or upgrading of broadband infrastructure in areas that are not served or are underserved by existing broadband providers.


Rural and Regional Urban Consortia Account  

SB 1040 created this Account to provide grants to eligible consortium for the purpose of funding the cost of broadband deployment activities such as broadband adoption programs.  


Broadband Public Housing Account

AB 1299 (PU Code 281) established this Account to provide grants and loans in order to increase broadband deployment and adoption within publicly supported communities.



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