PG&E Shepherd Substation Project  


In December 2010, PG&E submitted to the CPUC an Application requesting a Permit to Construct the Shepherd Substation Project, which would result in a new 135 MW substation near Clovis, California. A CEQA report examining environmental issues related to the project is expected by the end of 2012 and is the first step to parties’ consideration of the merits of the project.  The CPUC issued a Scoping Memo on July 27, 2012.   


ORA Position

While CPUC General Order 131-D does not require an applicant to submit cost figures in applications for Permits to Construct, ORA estimates the cost of the new substation at approximately $30 Million. If the project requires transmission upgrades, the cost will be considerably higher. ORA’s analysis shows that there is no demonstrated need for the project and therefore ratepayers should not be expected to fund the project.

  • PG&E has not offered any evidence that a substation of this size is needed.
  • Neither PG&E nor the CAISO have analyzed the impact of the project on the CAISO controlled grid, which could increase dramatically with a resulting impact on ratepayers.

See ORA’s January 10, 2011 Protest.


Proceeding Status

Opening Briefs are expected to be filed with the CPUC 21 days after issuance of the final CEQA document.

See the Proceeding docket.