Edison Devers Palo Verde
Transmission Project



In October 2012, the CPUC issued a Decision approving Edison’s second request to modify portions of the CPUC’s previous 2007 Decision approving a Certification of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for Devers Palo Verde #2 transmission project, located in Riverside County, California. The CPUC issued a 2009 Decision approving Edison’s first request for modification in November 2009, authorizing the construction of the California-only portion of the proposed project.

The October 2012 decision allows Edison to move forward to address the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) recommended modifications for the installation of marker balls on certain transmission line spans and lighting on certain transmission structures for safety purposes.  In response to DRA’s request, Edison provided updated cost data for the proposed modifications:

  • The cost of the Devers project increased from $545.3 million to $701.3 million in 2005 dollars.
  • The updated cost estimate escalated to current year dollars brings the new estimated total project cost to $944.8 million. 
  • Major contributors to the cost increase are from environmental factors and project cost escalation from 2005 dollars to 2012 dollars.

Edison's request has been suspended for up to 120 days, beginning December 3, 2012.

DRA Policy Position 

DRA urged the CPUC to require Edison to provide cost estimates associated with the proposed modifications to the Devers project in order to provide public transparency and for the CPUC to have a complete record upon which to grant or deny Edison’s petition to modify the CPUC’s previous 2007 decision. DRA protested Edison’s updated cost data, contending that Edison failed to provide supporting documentation that justifies proposed cost increase.  DRA requested that the the CPUC suspend Edison's advice letter request for 120 days.

See DRA's November 21, 2012 Protest to Edison's updated cost estimates.

See DRA’s October 5, 2012 Protest to Edison’s second petition.


Proceeding Status

See the Proceeding docket.