2012 SDG&E Rate Design


In March 2012, SDG&E filed an Application requesting CPUC approval to:

  • Determine the incremental costs of serving additional customers or load growth for the generation and distribution functions.
  • Change revenue allocation rates ranging from a 3% decrease to a 6% increase.
  • Utilize a prepay energy program for residential customers.

In October 2012, parties to the proceeding filed a partial settlement agreement with the CPUC on the issues of assignment of revenue responsibility by customer class and certain rate design for agriculture, small commercial, basic service fee and rate design related to Schedule A6-TOU and Secondary Substation, Primary Substation, and Transmission service voltage levels medium and large customers.  

Evidentiary hearings were held October 9 - 19, 2012 at the CPUC. Rate changes for customers would go into effect for 2013 after Commission approval. 

ORA Position

ORA recommends the CPUC should dispose of the remaining disputed issues in the following manner:

  • Reject SDG&E’s proposal to introduce a residential basic service fee of $3 per month.
  • Deny SDG&E’s proposal to consolidate Tiers 3 and tier 4.
  • Establish a new cap on CARE tier 3 rates of a maximum of 18 cents per kWh.
  • Allocate low-income discount revenue shortfall by equal cents per kilowatts to all customer classes.
  • Approve ORA’s advanced meter enabled account and energy budget management tools in lieu of SDG&E’s prepay program.
  • Reject SDG&E’s Prepay Program that comes with high disconnection risks for customers.

See ORA's November 16, 2012 Brief.

See ORA's December 14, 2012 Reply Brief.

See ORA’s May 18, 2012 Testimony.


Proceeding Status

A Proposed Decision is expected in early 2013.

See the Proceeding docket. 


Other Resources

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