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ORA Testimony Index


Looking for ORA Filings? 

Each issue page on ORA's website contains easy access to the respective proceeding dockets where pleadings from all parties, including ORA, can be found. The dockets are linked under "Proceeding Status" on each of ORA's subject pages.

You can find ORA's Testimony listed on the relevant subject matter webpages or by using ORA's Testimony Index by clicking on the industry links at the top of this page.

ORA's filings can also be found through the CPUC's online document system, which can be accessed by the search forms below.  

Accessing the "online documents" search page requires that you allow session cookies in your browser settings. Please enable session cookies before proceeding.



How do I enable session cookies? 

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu. Go to Privacy Tab, adjust preset settings so that cookies are enabled or click on "Advanced" to customize it to allow session cookies. Click "OK" for each window and click "Refresh" on the browser menu.

Many documents are produced in PDF format. You will need to Get Acrobat Reader to read them.

ORA filings made before September 2006 can be ordered from the CPUC Central Files Office.  An online order form is available.