• 2013 Legislative Session

    Below find DRA position letters on both proposed Assembly and Senate bills, organized by Energy, Water, Communications, and General Regulation legislation.



    AB 177 (Perez, V. M.) DRA Letter

    The bill would require the investor-owned electric utilities to procure all available demand side and clean, eligible renewable energy resources to achieve the state’s goals to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and meet the state’s resource adequacy goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.


    AB 217 (Bradford) – DRA Letter

    The bill would extend the existing Single Family Affordable Solar Homes program to the end of 2021, as specified.


    AB 270 (Bradford) – DRA Letter

    The bill would require the CPUC to direct the three large investor-owned utilities to coordinate in establishing a public website with energy efficiency program information.  


    AB 327 (Perea) DRA Letter

    The bill would eliminate significant customer protections and give the CPUC broad discretion to establish a new electrical rate design. This bill would also repeal the current limitations, enacted in SB 695 (Kehoe, Ch. 337, Stat. 2009), on rate increases for low usage residential and California Alternate Rates for Energy customers.   


    AB 448 (Quirk) - DRA Letter

    The bill would require the California Energy Commission, as part of its Integrated Energy Policy Report, to include an assessment of overall ratepayer impacts for the electrical utilities to comply with California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard program.


    AB 922 (Patterson) - DRA Letter  -  DRA Revised Letter

    The bill would require the CPUC to authorize an electrical or gas corporation to verify, by the submission of proof of income, the continuing eligibility of participants in the CARE program regardless of the manner in which the participant was first enrolled into the program.  


    AB 1274 (Bradford) - DRA Letter

    The bill would prohibit a customer premises network provider, as defined, from sharing, disclosing, or otherwise making a customer’s electrical or gas consumption data accessible to a 3rd party, except upon the express consent of the customer. 


    SB 37 (de León) - DRA Letter

    The bill would authorize the CPUC to require an investor-owned electric or gas utility to create an “on-bill repayment” program to provide financing services for energy retrofit loans.  


    SB 48 (Hill) DRA Letter

    The bill would require the CPUC to consolidate all review and approval of ratepayer-funded research programs by 2016, provide peer review and competitive standards for research funding approval, and also to comprehensively report all ratepayer-funded research and development projects.


    SB 291 (Hill) – DRA Letter 

    The bill would require the CPUC to develop and implement procedures for staff issuance of safety citations and for cited entities to appeal citations.


    SB 418 (Jackson) DRA Letter

    The bill would require an investor-owned utility that files for relicensing of a nuclear power plant at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, using ratepayer funding, to submit to the CPUC a detailed study on power plant operational needs and costs to assess the continued operation cost-effectiveness, as specified.


    SB 656 (Wright) - DRA Letter

    The bill would update the California Public Utilities Code regarding customers’ information access to direct access provider options, as specified. 


    SB 743 (Steinberg, Padilla) DRA Letter 

    The bill would authorize the CPUC to increase California Alternate Rates for Energy rates in a limited manner for participants with electricity usage up to 130 percent of baseline quantities by the annual percentage increase of the Consumer Price Index from the prior year, but not to exceed 4 percent per year.



    SB 489 (Fuller) – DRA Letter 

    The bill would authorize the CPUC to appoint a receiver to assume possession of specified water corporation’s property and to operate its system according to the terms and conditions prescribed by the CPUC.



     AB 300 (Perea) DRA Letter

    The bill would create a new wireless surcharge collection and remittance system specifically for prepaid wireless phone services, as specified.


    AB 911 (Bloom) DRA Letter

    The bill would require Multi-Line Telephone System providers to equip their systems with the ability to provide a Public Safety Answering Point with a more precise location from which the 911 call originates.  


     AB 1299 (Bradford) - DRA Letter

    The bill would require the CPUC to encourage deployment and adoption of high-quality advanced communications services in publicly supported urban housing communities. 


    AB 1407 (Bradford) – DRA Letter

    The bill would repeal and modify certain provisions of the Moore Universal Telephone Service Act regarding the low-income LifeLine program.


    SB 50 (Lieu) – DRA Letter 

    The bill would extend cost and contact information disclosure requirements to all public payphone services regardless of payment method.


    SB 129 (Wright) – DRA Letter 

    The bill would extend the sunset date of the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. 



    General Regulation

    AB 415 (Garcia) – DRA Letter 

    The bill would establish a defense against CPUC enforcement activities of “reasonable good faith reliance upon the direction and advice of commission staff.”   


    SB 611 (Hill) - DRA Letter

    The bill would make specified changes to the CPUC and Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA), respectively, to ensure affordable, safe, and reliable investor-owned utility services.